what is deregulation?

No, “deregulation" is not a dirty word. Deregulation simply means that you now have a choice in where you get your energy. That’s good, right? Because where there is a choice, there is competition, and that competition continues to drive prices lower for you – the consumer.

Since the early 1990s, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has overseen the deregulation of the natural gas industry to allow nearly 11 million residential and small commercial customers in the three major utility areas (PG&E, SoCal Gas and SDG&E) to choose their natural gas supplier.

Here is more info you didn’t ask for… A typical energy bill consists of “Supply" (the actual commodity – electricity or gas), and the “Delivery" (the pipes and wires that gets the energy to your home or business). Historically, utility companies owned both Supply and Delivery.

Today in California, independent supply companies sell natural gas directly to the consumer while the utilities continue to deliver natural gas to you. These supply companies are called Core Transport Agents (CTA). Callective Energy is one these CTAs.

what is a core transport agent?

This service allows you to purchase gas for your home or business directly from third party gas suppliers known as Core Transport Agents.

why callective energy gas

  • Callective Energy is a third-party gas supplier.

  • We provide a choice to the traditional gas supplier.

  • Your Natural Gas will continue to be delivered by your current provider (PG&E, SoCalGas or SDGE), but the supplied gas will be from Callective.

  • Benefit to you is the set price agreed upon during sign-up, rather than your current market set-price.

  • The CPUC does not regulate the rates CTAs charge their customers, but following the passage of Senate Bill 656 CTAs will be required to register with the Commission in order to conduct business in California.

see what your gas utility provider says about CTAs

The Callective Energy team is here to provide affordable energy options to communities all over California. Today we have a choice, let’s choose a more sustainable future together.

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