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Will I save money by choosing a non-utility supplier?

A:  Third party suppliers are not regulated by the CPUC, although they are licensed and must follow utility gas rules. As in any competitive market, retailers are free to set their own prices for their products, placing responsibility on the consumer to shop around. But increased competition has been shown to expand product options and drive prices lower to benefit the consumer.


If I choose a non-utility gas supplier, will my service be disrupted or does the reliability of my service change?

A:  No, the switching process is seamless, and the flow of gas never stops. Only the price that you pay and the billing arrangements may change. Your utility remains regulated by the CPUC and serves as your backup supplier.


Who responds in case of emergency?

A:  Under the core aggregation service, the natural gas utility maintains the infrastructure that allows the delivery of the gas to your home of business. If you detect a natural gas leak or have some type of natural gas emergency, immediately call your natural gas utility, not the non-utility supplier.


Who sends me the bill?

A:  All of our Callective Energy customers will receive two bills: one from PG&E, SoCal Gas or SDG&E for the delivery charges, and one from Callective Energy for the supply charges. You should pay each directly. If you have questions about your delivery charges, contact your utility.

If you have questions about the supply portion of your bill, please contact Callective Energy.

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