Why You Should Recycle in California

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07 June, 2021

Recycling is one of the easiest ways to protect our environment. In California, there are many businesses dedicated to preventing waste such as Cal-Waste, CalRecycle, etc. We all know of the big three: reduce, reuse, and recycle, but many of us don’t do it in our daily lives even if the opportunity presents itself. That’s why we have taken the opportunity to bring awareness to waste prevention opportunities and what they will do for the environment.

Why Should I Recycle?

According to WasteDive, California was not able to achieve its goal to recycle, compost, or reduce solid waste by 75% by 2020. California reached a 37% recovery rate in 2019, down from a 40% rate the previous year, according to the commissioners’ report. The several obstacles that are continuing the result of waste: the debris from the periodic disastrous wildfires, recyclables decreasing and increasing, and increasing material generation. It is important to bring this percentage back up, and here's why:

1. Preserves natural resources 

By doing the big three: reduce, reuse, and recycle, it cuts down the process of having to use and make new material during the manufacturing process. Making an aluminum can from recycled material, allows us to steer clear of environmental damage.

2. Creates jobs

Recycling in Cali is a big business, therefore, it employs a lot of people. This industry is very important to the state and accounts for approximately 85,000 jobs and produces $10 billion in products and services. California is known for its huge show business industry and the recycling industry is its equivalent.

3. Saves money

Try to buy recycled products whenever you can! Companies opting to use reused materials reduce the cost of production during manufacturing. This also causes the cost of raw materials to be reduced, resulting in low prices for us. For instance, aluminum products would most likely cost more if they were made from scratch every time, so recycle these products as often as you can. 

In California, you can make a little money to put in your piggy bank by recycling beverage containers, click here to find one near you!

What To Recycle and How to Do It:

It is so simple anyone and everyone can do it! Here are some items we use in our daily life, that can be recycled. We want you to be aware of how to do it properly and why is it important to do so.

1. Batteries

You probably didn’t know you could recycle batteries, well you can and should! It is extremely important to do so because they are actually very hazardous and banned from California landfills. Some retailers that sell batteries have an option for you to recycle them, if not you can visit the CalRecycles battery recycling page.

2. Mattresses

Not all of the mattress is worn out, something can be preserved to create a new product. Recycling a mattress also reduces the number of illegally dumped mattresses on the side of the road and the ocean. Click here to say bye-bye to your mattress the right way.

3. Electronics

We love our electronics, but eventually, we have to replace them. E-waste is a popular and informal way to describe phones, TVs, computers, etc. that are becoming unuseful. These products can be refurbished and reused, yet they make a huge part of California’s waste stream. Electronics are not allowed in landfills and do not belong in the trash, click here to recycle them.


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