How Do I Cut My Energy Bills?

Learn About Natural Gas,


28 April, 2021

As you know natural gas is reliable, cost-efficient, and extremely convenient. To save money on energy bills, you need to switch to natural gas. But first, to truly understand natural gas in action visit here, then click here for reasons you need natural gas in your life. With your newfound knowledge, I know you’re ready to make the switch because you’d be crazy not to! Continue reading for steps to make the transition to our natural gas safe and smooth.


How Do I Know if Natural Gas is Available for My Home/ Business?

1. Check with your natural gas utility provider. Because of deregulation, we will be your non-utility natural gas supplier, but the utility will continue to deliver the gas to you. In California, your natural gas utility will be between PG&E, SoCalGas, or SDGE.

2. Check with your neighbors. If the houses/ apartments in the neighborhood have natural gas, you’re more likely to have access. Also, if they’ve been in the area a while, they may know who you can contact for more information.

3. Ask your realtor/ homeowner. When looking for a potential home/ building with a realtor, they will know the availability of natural gas in your place of interest. If they don’t, they will know what direction to point you to for that information. A previous owner of the home should be able to answer any questions regarding natural gas, or they’ll know who to put you in contact with for help.


Natural Gas is Available for My Home/Business. Now What?

1. Be sure you have a working meter installed in your home to track your natural gas usage. If you don't, schedule a request from your natural gas utility.

2. Join Callective Energy, and we will handle it from here.


I Don’t Have Natural Gas Available for My Home/ Business. What Do I Do?

1. Schedule a service with your utility for a gas line installation. You will also need a meter in your house, to track your natural gas usage for billing.

2. Order appliances that are compatible with natural gas from your natural gas utility ( check if they offer rebates). Once you receive the appropriate equipment, schedule an inspection. Once you pass the inspection, they will install your meter and you’ll be set for natural gas.

3. Get rid of older appliances. When getting rid of your older appliances, be sure to wait until your gas line is installed, so you won’t have a loss of service.

4. Join Callective Energy, and we’ll take it from here.


Making the switch to natural gas is well worth it, to save on your energy bills. Natural gas utilities often offer rebates on appliances when you convert to natural gas, be sure to look out for those. Look at you! Already saving money by upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, but that’s just the beginning. When you begin to use them, you will save even more in the long run. According to HomeLight, it estimates that consumers using natural gas save an average of $874 on energy bills each year compared to those who use electricity. Contact your utility today, and choose Callective Energy as your supplier.


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