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28 June, 2022

Summertime should be filled with fun. But with summertime pests, temperatures, and costs, sometimes we are bogged down with the little things. No more! We have great tips to help alleviate these summertime worries so that you can enjoy more time and save money! 

Fireproof Your Lawn

With a hefty and dangerous dry season ahead, fireproofing your lawn can greatly improve your summer health. While not likely that it would prevent a wildfire from skipping your house, it will help ensure that you yourself did not start one. It also is a good reason just to clean out your lawn and tidy up your space for parties aplenty!

Dry brush- comb through your lawn for old sticks, grasses that have overgrown and dried out.  Clear away anything dead so as to help water absorb into the soil.

Stone areas- create gravel, stone, and rock barriers that can help prevent fire from spreading and sparks from igniting. Natural materials like shells can also be a great alternative.

Bring outdoor furniture and fuel indoors during active wildfire season to prevent random sparks flying in from breezes.

Plant against pests

Natural remedies can keep your yard relatively pest free this summer. Summertime blooms like citronella, peppermint, and basil are all effective against disease carrying flying bugs! Plant near house entryways to keep them at bay!

Sustainable Swaps

Reconsider using single use plastic this summer and switch for more sustainable options!

Water balloons- These awesome options are so great for kids and adults! Normal plastic balloons are a nightmare for wildlife and yard cleanup, often leaving traces of plastic too small to spot. 

Reusable cups. Red solo cups are an unfortunate party staple but consider these infinitely recyclable aluminum swaps. 

Beeswax covers. Aluminum foil and Saran wrap are both common when wrapping leftovers (which we love!) But consider using beeswax cloths instead. Easily homemade and widely available in stores. These last through multiple uses and can easily be updated and repaired!

A sustainable lifestyle often goes hand in hand with saving money and at Callective Energy we do both! To learn more about our carbon offsets program click here. And keep checking back to our blog for excellent sustainable swaps in everyday life.

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