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01 December, 2021

The holiday season presents unique challenges when trying to stay sustainable. When attending events, dress code requirements can force us into buying outfits we may only wear once! Have you ever considered using a clothing rental service instead? These services help with occasions that may require something outside of your normal wardrobe but often pennies on the dollar of the cost of buying brand new! This also reduces waste from fast fashion, which creates carbon emissions; one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second! Try something different this holiday season and learn which clothing resellers are best for the planet.

Winter Sports

Did you know that you can actually rent equipment for winter sports like skiing, tubing, and snowboarding? Bulky layers may take up space in your closet at home and only get used once or twice a year. But completely necessary for enjoying the wintertime activities. Are you going on a ski trip this year? Or perhaps you are visiting relatives in a colder climate. This rental option is especially exceptional for families with children, the rate at which children change sizes can be swift, and the once roomy snowsuit will be quickly outgrown. ZENT can be the answer to your needs! This company specializes in outfitting the entire family for whatever winter adventures they encounter, and for a fraction of buying new. Top-of-the-line brands, offer free delivery, to homes or hotels. Making it extremely easy to get your gear to its final destination.

Fancy Occasions

Between holiday parties, office obligations, and friendly get-togethers, you may be staring at your wardrobe with disdain. Fear not, most Americans don’t stock their closets with gowns and tuxes! If you want to indulge in a special occasion piece, the easiest, cheapest, and most sustainable way is to rent a few show-stoppers. Rent the Runway is one of the top-rated subscription services when it comes to special occasion outfits. This company works for either a monthly subscription for multiple items or for one-time events! If you truly fall in love, you can even purchase the piece yourself. Even better, there is a cyber-sale happening now, for a steep discount!


For seasonal wear, you may not want to stock up on items that don’t reflect your overall yearly weather. In California, we don’t always need hearty boots, bulky sweaters, or winter accessories. The best budget clothing subscription service that can help with these temporary needs, is NUULY. This service focuses on more ready-to-wear clothing for your average errands. Stay warm and weather-appropriate without breaking the bank. They offer a send-back service and even a resale portion of the site! 

Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or fun. Using these services saves resources long-term and budgets in the short-term. Keep checking the Callective sustainability blog for excellent tips on every avenue of life. 

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