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17 May, 2022

Are you tired of paying high prices at the gas station? If you aren’t ready to upgrade to a hybrid or fully electric car, you have other modes of transportation available to you! We run down what modes are best for your wallet, the planet, and time! While working to live a more sustainable lifestyle, you are creating a greener future, and saving money!

Public Transportation

Public transportation is a well-known way to travel with a low carbon footprint. By condensing many riders into one vehicle, public transport also takes some of the strain off the notorious California traffic. Local busses in California, on average, cost around $2 a ride. There are many options for vanpools in areas as well as discounts for seniors, disabled riders, and monthly pass holders. Get the full list here. By using modes of public transport, the typical automobile driver can reduce individual daily carbon emissions by 20 pounds or more than 4,800 pounds per year! The current gasoline average in California is around 6$ a gallon and the average commute is around 47 miles a day. If you get 26 miles per gallon for your drive just to and from work, you could be saving $160 a month! Now think if you used the bus for going out to dinner, or weekend errands?

Riding A Bike

Riding a bike usually holds lovely memories for many people. The wind in your hair, the speed, and not to mention the heart benefits of daily cardio! Riding a bike is a great option when your commute is not crisscrossed by major highways or areas without proper lighting. A good bicycle can run up to around $500 and you can count on a few tune-ups per year that can be upwards of $100. But a bike is a financial windfall if used on a regular basis. After your initial purchase, there is little else that a bike will need on a weekly basis. Unlike driving a car, where you may be visiting a gas station many times a week! Bikes are often a convenient option when parking is a hassle. Glide right into any packed location with your carbon-saving transport. Riding a bike reduces your personal carbon footprint by almost 67% and up to 3000 lbs. a year! Incredible!

Electric Scooter

Made popular via apps, these electric scooters have seen a huge bump in popularity lately. The term “micro-mobility” is the newest buzzword to describe these stand-up alternatives to cars. The freedom to move quickly and swiftly without overwhelming physical strain is a great option for many who live in cities. Even while owning a car these can make your lunch hour more productive. Rather than finding multiple parking spots, or risk getting sweaty, your e-scooter can transport you to and fro without a ton of trouble. More space economic and lighter than e-bikes, this option is the priciest on our list. Starting prices in the hundreds, a standard model runs around 500$. Still cheaper than gas for a year! 

Finding sustainable options for transport might be the most important change for your budge this year. With no real dip in gas prices for months, it may be worth checking out these other options! And keep checking back to Callective’s blog for excellent sustainable swaps.

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