Use the Entire Pumpkin This Fall

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30 September, 2021

The fall season is known for highlighting the mighty pumpkin. From Halloween carvings to Thanksgiving pie, there are several ways that this ingredient is used. But, are you using the entire item? We can help you navigate the sustainable practice of using the complete vegetable while creating some healthy snacks along the way!

Choose Wisely

Not all decorative pumpkins yield the same delicious results. Since most are novices when it comes to edible pumpkins, consider these options when heading to the pumpkin patch. Did you know that pumpkin is technically part of the squash family? That means pumpkins can also come in oblong shapes as well as round! Sugar Pies, New England Cheddars, Long Island Cheeses, Hybrid Pams, and Blue Dolls are all excellent eating pumpkins. 

Save the Insides

Normally when carving, the guts of the pumpkins are often discarded. But this season will be different! 

Seeds- Remove the seeds from the interior of the pumpkin. Separate from the stringy insides. Wash and dry the seeds. Toss the seeds in a bowl with olive oil, salt, garlic powder, paprika, and black pepper. Roast in a 350°F oven for 12-15 minutes. Toss every 5 minutes to get even crispiness. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of Magnesium.


Puree- Blend and use as a base for soups, risotto, and desserts,

Masks- Add in egg, honey, and apple cider vinegar and puree with the pulp. Leave on for 20 minutes. Enjoy glowing skin.

Pet Food-adding a handful to dry food can help your pet get solid nutrition and a flavorful treat! Safe for both cats and dogs.

Dip-Add to chickpeas, olive oil, salt, and tahini to create your own hummus!


After you have enjoyed your pumpkin decor, remove any candles and wax. Place in a sunny space to help speed up the decomposing process. Smash and squash your old creation! Cover with a layer of leaves of cut grass, and let nature take its course! Placing under a bush or near the base of a tree can help boost the nutrient components straight to your yard's flora and fauna.

The fall season is a great time to incorporate nature into your home and your diet! Do both with our excellent tips to sustainably use the entire pumpkin. And keep turning to Callective’s Conscious blog for more lifestyle tips.

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