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25 August, 2022

Cooking for yourself adds up to be the healthier and cheaper option when it comes to meals. And cooking sustainably is even better for the planet. Do you ever find yourself throwing away produce or protein? We want to help end that! According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) food waste represents 30-40% of the food supply. Some may find it daunting or taxing but we have simple tips to help you approach cooking sustainably at any level.

Using The Entirety

When it comes to cooking sustainably using the entire item is key! Veggies, fruits, and meats can all be used in various ways to help you save money and carbon emissions.


The skin, core, and seeds are often discarded on fruits. Here are a few ways to reuse these nutrient-dense items!

Core- pineapple and apple cores can be pureed to a pulp for easy popsicles

Skins- fruit skins can be baked or dehydrated for a yummy snack. Peels from bananas can be soaked in water for excellent plant fertilizer. Outsides of citrus can be grated and thrown into oils for a zesty salad dressing.

Seeds-Use for replanting! Check out this excellent article on how to harvest seeds for your future garden. Seeds can also be roasted for toppers on oatmeal, added to trail mix, or eaten alone!


Veggies have their own bag of waste, with their peels and stems often being tossed into the bin.

Stems-These flavor-rich pieces of produce are often discarded when it comes to herbs when in reality they can be as yummy as their leafy pieces! Chop up the stems and throw them into whatever dish you are making! That way your herbs last twice as long. If you cannot use it in time, adding stems to oils or infusing them into butter is also great to have on hand for many cuisines and dishes. Carrot stems are super nutritious and can be sauteed as a great additional side dish!

Peels- Veggie peels, are usually fully edible and don’t have to be peeled. But if you prefer, save potato and squash skins for homemade chips, use beet skins for dying projects, onion and garlic skins can be added to stocks or broths for extra flavor.


Meat boasts the biggest price tag, so we want to ensure it is not wasted!
Odd cuts of meat-often get looked over for their more traditional counterparts but often save you a hefty price tag! According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, poultry has increased by 13% and ground beef has shot up 150%! Consider trying whole chickens, lamb shoulder, pork butt, and ham for savings within the grocery store.

Bones-excellent for stock! Bones contain a huge dose of calcium and magnesium which helps eaters to build strong bones themselves!

Animal fats-can be used as a substitution for oil and butter. In baking, roasting, and sautéing this added layer of flavor packs and punch and saves the planet!

Sustainably cooking can sound like a hassle, but it is truly the opposite when you begin to practice. When using the entire product you save time, money, and resources. Keep checking back to the Callective blog for great tips on lifestyle changes anyone can make.

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