Using a lot of Energy During the Holidays? How to Save Energy 101

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28 April, 2021

We saved energy together for Thanksgiving, so it’s only right we save energy for the upcoming holidays. If you came 1st in the Thanksgiving race, you should have no problem following these steps. Below we give you different ways to save energy during the holidays this year, and every year after that.


Saving Energy at Home:

1. Bake several dishes at a time, avoid preheating the oven

If you’re on cooking duty, try to prepare the dishes together so they can be ready at the same time. By doing this you’re saving yourself time and energy. If you have a modern or natural gas stove, you’re in luck, because they heat up fairly quickly. This means you will not need to wait until the oven is preheated, to put the food in the oven. Tip: Using certain dishes, such as ceramic or glass cook faster, and use less energy when compared to others.

2. Turn the air down, open windows

After all the guests arrive, the house will begin to warm up. Use that body heat to your advantage, and lower your heat 2-3 degrees. Also, during the day don’t be afraid to open the blinds, to let the sunshine in to warm the house. Tip: Be sure to close blinds/ draperies at night to reduce the chill and cool wind from seeping in.

3. Use timers for holiday lights

I’m sure your decorations are beautiful and bring holiday cheer to you, and those who drove past them. However, at night, early in the morning, and early afternoon these lights do not need to be on. The best time to see lights is in the evening/night, so if possible set a timer for your lights to turn on/off automatically.

4. Unplug electronics if celebrating elsewhere

Traveling isn’t a necessity this year due to COVID-19, but hopefully next year we will be able to celebrate like we used to. If you are though and for future references, be sure to unplug your electronics. Items such as the TV, computers, and radios use energy even if they’re turned off.

5. Turn on your natural gas fireplace

After the sun goes down and it’s no longer warming the house, turn on your fireplace to warm up quickly. If you don’t have a natural gas fireplace, click here to find out how to make the switch!


Saving Energy with Your Gifts:

1. Shop eco-friendly gifts

As you’re thinking about what to get your loved ones, keep in mind that you can most likely buy it in an eco-friendly version. These being items that are made organically, recycled, or able to be reused. Living in the Golden State, it won’t be hard to find these items but if you don’t, you can always order online.

2. Smart technology gifts

These gifts aren’t always expensive (depending on what you get), and they help save energy with their ability to be so convenient. Smart gifts can include smart plugs, a smart thermostat, or smart lights. These items are allowed to be controlled digitally, to create patterns, turn on/off, and essentially save energy for the recipient.

3. Gifts that don’t require energy

Items that aren’t required to be plugged in but still fulfill a necessity, are a great way to stay ahead in the energy-saving race. A blanket or fuzzy socks to keep you warm, and a book, are gifts that aren’t too expensive in money, and energy usage.


Incorporate these energy-saving ideas for the holidays this year. It shouldn’t be too much of a drastic change, so you can make it a tradition every year. Be sure to let us know how much you save this year compared to last year. Let’s save energy together by following these steps, and switching to Callective Energy.

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