5 Ways To Reduce Food Waste in Your Kitchen

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16 January, 2022

Reducing personal waste is a large part of sustainable living. It keeps landfills smaller, carbon emissions less, and it helps you to save money. One of the biggest waste producers in everyday households is the kitchen. The USDA reports that 30-40% of our food usage in the United States is actually waste. That is a huge number, that you can start to reduce, today. These savvy tips are easy to apply, yield delicious results, and can be implemented immediately.

Use Herb Stems

Herbs are flavored from the leaf to the stem, but the stems are often discarded in the trash. Whenever a recipe calls for cilantro, parsley, or sage, make sure to julienne from tip to tip. This can easily double the amount of herbs and half the price on your grocery list!

Freeze Bread Products

Bread products are notoriously quick to spoil. You may notice that you will only go through half a loaf before tiny mold spots begin to appear. An easy way to enjoy your bread is to simply freeze certain amounts until ready to use! Zip inside an air-tight container and simply pull out 24 hours before using. This works well with English muffins, bagels, bread, and crackers.

Store Avocados in Water

Have you ever cut open a perfect avocado, only to see it brown within hours? Save your precious dinosaur eggs by storing the unused portion in water. This may sound crazy but when submerged, the avocado is protected from any air contact! The oxidation of the fruit is what causes the browning and souring. 

Use Wilted Greens for Pesto

Buying greens in bulk can be great for easy salads and meal prep, but can also create a habitat for slimy bottom greens. Before you toss the whole container, try rinsing, straining, and using the wilted greens for pesto! Traditionally made with basil, pesto can be made with collard, kale, arugula, spinach, and mustard greens! Check out these great pesto recipes and ideas that require zero cooking. 

Save Vegetable Scraps

The butt ends of carrots and celery. Potato peelings. Broccoli stems. All of these scraps are often discarded but there can be a viable use for these! Saving your weekly or bi-weekly scraps can help you create the healthiest vegetable broth! Make a preservative and low sodium version by simply covering these scraps in water, adding seasoning to your liking, and simmering for a few hours. If you don’t go this route or are left with too many to use, try a counter-top composter to finish the job. We have an excellent list of popular and practical choices for every household.

These kitchen tips require absolutely no new purchases, take very little effort, and pay big dividends when it comes to living more sustainably. One of the best rewards of living with a sustainable mindset is the effect on your budget. 100% of the time, these small changes end up saving YOU money. Keep checking back for easy-to-follow tips, and sign up for Callective’s Green Gas program to keep your whole houses’ carbon output in check! 

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