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28 April, 2021

The beauty industry is not highly regulated, and the use of harmful ingredients in your skincare routine could add chemicals to the environment. Not to worry though, companies have tried to change the reputation of the beauty industry and came up with innovative ways to create fully natural products.

 In California, they are known for their awareness of how important it is to be eco-friendly and incorporating it into their daily life. A few natural California skincare companies have capitalized on the golden state’s bright sunshine, wild plants, beautiful blue sea waves, and organic produce. Here are some skincare companies that are California-grown, catering to your skin, and helping save the earth too.

1. Ama Sea Beauty

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Photo courtesy of @amaseabeautysb

AMA is dedicating itself to help people understand the importance of sustaining the precious ocean with their products. They own a 25- acre ocean farm, off Santa Barbara, PharmaSea, and with the purchase of their products you’re helping address climate stability. Their natural, cruelty-free, and vegan products are made from fresh wild harvested marine ingredients and ocean plants. They include all of their ingredients on their website, and they use a lot of cute "sea" and "ama" puns. 

2. California Pure Naturals


 Photo courtesy of California Pure Naturals

California Pure Naturals, made and based in California, are dedicated to providing the most natural beauty products. They combine the best of nature from California and local renewable resources, to create organic, cruelty-free, and gluten-free products. California Pure Natural wants to provide its customers with protection against early aging, so they can have soft and luxurious skin. Their ingredients are listed on the site, along with examples of skincare routines, and free shipping discounts. 

3. Juniper Ridge 

callective- skincare Photo courtesy of @juniperridge

At Juniper Ridge, based in Oakland,  they go into the wilderness and develop scent profiles of wild places to convert them to essential oils. They go to the forests themselves to extract and name the products from the source. The products are 100% natural and are made using the old perfume method: extracting, distillation, tincturing, infusion, and enfleurage. However, formulas vary from year to year and season to season depending on the rainfall, wind, location, and temperature. If you're looking for essential oils, incense, or tea they have that too!

4. Laurel Whole Plant Organics 

callective-skincare Photo courtesy of @laurelskin

Laurel Whole Plant Organics who is based out of, Sausalito, believes in the seed-to-bottle method. She has partnerships with farms within 100 miles of her lab and meets with them to understand their capacity. Above all, it is important to be aware of the farm's culture, so they don't over or under-project the products. She sometimes outsources for ingredients that thrive in tropical climates. Her main focus is the practice of Slow Beauty and her own manufacturing capabilities after harvesting the plants. Laurel lists all of the ingredients on her website, and she does not believe in any chemical-related ingredients in her products. 

5. The Grapeseed Company 

callective-skincare Photo courtesy of The Grapeseed Company

The Grapeseed Company began after the owner, Kristin, wanted to become more in touch with the harm we cause to our planet. She is the first to create a vinotherapy line from products of the California wine industry and is known for her custom scent bar. All of the colors in the products come from natural ingredients, they don't believe in any filler ingredients.  And on top of all that, all of the packagings are recyclable, including the gift boxes.  

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