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01 March, 2022

Have you always admired the farmer’s market freshness? Have you yearned for herbs on hand to elevate any recipe? Are you also confused about where to begin? You are not alone! Growing your own food, in any capacity, is an excellent way to become a more sustainable household. Depending on the space you have available, time allotted in the day, and experience, we have a crop suggestion for you! Read on for how you can start your own indoor garden today.

Herb Garden

Herbs are a great way to start a small indoor farming practice. Almost every recipe can be elevated by the addition of these flavorful greens. Lemon basil shortbread cookies anyone? Most herbs also contain healthy doses of vitamins A, C, and K. How should you start? 

-Consider placement. Where will your mini-garden go? Think of window sills or tables near windows for easy sun access. Notice how much sun these areas get. Herbs usually need around 6 hours of sunlight per day.

-Choose your herbs. What do you like to cook? Italian food often calls for basil. Cilantro is a staple in most Mexican dishes. Rosemary and thyme are great for roasts. Pick three top herbs to start!

-Give some space. Whether you are planting your herbs in one larger box or utilizing separate containers, be sure to give these plants some breathing room. Herbs can easily cross-pollinate you will be left with hybrids that do not taste like either! 

Pot Gardening

Once you feel comfortable with herbs, graduating to larger plants in pots can be a great next step! Growing from pots allows you to control how much work you want to put into your garden. Start small and expand from there. A few tips for choosing pots, plants, and amounts:

-Make sure your pots have drainage holes. Pot plants can easily develop root rot if not irrigated.

-Group plants that need similar sunlight amounts, that way you will not see some wilt while others thrive.

-Think of what will do well in the California sun. Citrus, tomatoes, and peppers will do amazingly.

-Use fertilizer. Potting soil does well in the beginning but you need to keep the nutrients in the soil. Re-fertilize every few months to keep your plants happy.

Hydroponic Gardens

Have you seen those gorgeous towers of lettuce? All grow vertically in a hydroponic, space-age style indoor garden? These methods of gardening have become exceedingly popular as of late, allowing those with cramped quarters or inaccessible yards to enjoy the bounty of a fresh harvest at home. If you feel ready to make the financial plunge here are a few excellent options on the market. 

-Rise Gardens has a flexible option that can expand with your growing family or comfortability level. The sleek design is meant to fit into home décor seamlessly. 

-Gardyn is a great option for tech-savvy gardeners. This system is fully hooked up to an app that will help you get the most out of your vertical greens.

-For families with bigger veggie needs, The Nutritower is one of the largest on the market. Big yields equal a heftier price tag, as well. 

With any sustainable switch, we always suggest starting small and working your way into a bigger commitment later on. At Callective we believe in the individual effect each one of us can have on the environment. Let’s make it a positive one!

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