How to Stay Warm in the Winter With Natural Gas

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28 April, 2021

Switching to a natural gas fireplace sounds like it can be a lot. But we’re here to simplify it all down for you. You’ve been hearing good things about natural gas fireplaces, and you’re right! It will save you money on heating costs, and provide you with quick and consistent heat. Check out these steps below, to finally stay warm this winter, along with getting what you’ve been missing.


How to Make the Switch from a Wood-Burning Fireplace:
  1. Have a professional chimney inspection and cleaning to see if you're suitable for conversion
  2. If you don’t already have natural gas, be sure your house is equipped with a gas line.
  3. Seek out a professional through your natural gas utility, for my California residents click here.
  4. Take their recommendations into consideration when shopping around for your new fireplace
  5. Decide whether you want log sets, gas inserts, or a gas fireplace
    • Log sets are ceramic logs that have a gas burner. Although this option is cheaper and more appealing, it does not give off as much heat. So, if you’re looking for extreme warmth, this is not for you.
    • Gas inserts produce a lot of heat. This is the preferred option if you’re converting from a wood-burning fireplace, but either way, it is in the middle price range when compared to the other two. In reality, the inserts require less gas, so it’s saving more money in the end. The inserts are placed inside a metal box, that sits inside a bigger metal box in the fireplace, that heats the surrounding air between the two and releases the warm air.
    • Gas fireplaces are very similar to gas inserts, with the box method, but they don’t require an existing fireplace. So, if you don’t already have a fireplace, this is the only route you can take. This option is the most expensive and provides the warmest atmosphere.
  6. Schedule your appointment to get your fireplace installed

How to Make the Switch from a Propane Fireplace:
  1. Contact your fireplace manufacturer and installer
  2. Purchase the conversion kit, they recommend  
  3. They should include steps to complete the conversion with the kit, but if not click here.

What to do After You Have a Natural Gas Fireplace:
  1. If you’re in the California area, switch to Callective Energy
  2. Become acquainted with your fireplace owner's owners manual
  3. Clean the individual pieces (turn gas off first)
  4. Clean the surface
  5. Inspect the fireplace yourself and professionally frequently


You won’t miss the smells of wood-burning, or the crackling sounds of an authentic fire, once you see all the new fireplace benefits. It’ll make you wish, you thought of this conversion sooner. Nonetheless, we’re glad you did, and we want you to enjoy your new cozy fireplace powered by our natural gas.


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