How to Celebrate Mother's Day Together but Apart

Mother's Day,


06 May, 2021

If you're not close to your mom, you might be wondering how you are going to make Mother’s Day special? If you are within a close radius, you may be wondering how you can still do your traditions? Don't worry you can still have your brunch and get mom's flowers delivered! Here are ways to celebrate Mother’s Day together but apart at the same time. 



Being nearby doesn't matter, here are ways to still spend quality time together socially distanced. These digital ways also work with your friends who are moms, if you would like to celebrate Mother's Day together!

1. Host a Virtual Happy Hour

callective- happy hour

Alright, we know this isn't normally how happy hours are, but we have to make the best of these times. If you want to cheers with your mom or with your friends who are moms, this virtual happy hour is the way to go. It seems easy, but you have to make sure you plan for it. If you want some tips on how to go down as one of the greats at being a virtual host, click here.

2. Watch a Movie Together

We all love Netflix, and they are releasing new movies and shows daily to help us during these times. They have also created Netflix Party, a Google Chrome Extension, that allows you to watch a movie at the same time as someone else in another place. Or if you are with your mom, create a movie theatre atmosphere and watch a movie together like old times. 



If you and your family usually have Mother's Day brunches, lunches, or dinners at your local or favorite restaurant. With our restrictions, restaurants have made their food available for taking out or delivery. 


1. Take out or Delivery from Restaurants


Some restaurants are even tailoring their menu for Mother's Day in California. Click here for California dining deals, and here for brunch restaurants in Sacramento. This is a good way to send something to your mom from where you are or enjoy together in the comfort of your own home.

2. Grocery Delivery

These services in LA provide a way for you to get groceries delivered if you aren't able to deliver them yourselves. This would be great for your mom if she hasn't been able to go to the grocery store due to the serious risks it could cause her health. 



A lot of our gifts are probably on backorder or taking a while to arrive because it may not be essential. There are ways you can still surprise your mom with homemade gifts like you did as a  kid.

1. Mail a Card

callective- Mother's Day 

A card is something that you can personalize yourself. Or you could purchase one made from your local store, write a message inside, and include some type of monetary gift, and mail it off with your postal service.

2. Get Flowers Delivered

You may be thinking that delivering flowers might be hazardous, but some floral businesses are taking precautions for the virus and offering pick up and delivery. Be sure to call first, to see exactly what they're offering. If you need some ideas, click here for places to order in California

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