Where Does Energy Waste Hide In Your Home?

Energy Saving Tips,


01 February, 2022

While trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, many turn toward home energy usage to use as a metric for success. If you are using less energy every month, you must be saving the planet, right? Correct! At Callective, we believe that small steps are the key to helping reduce carbon emissions! An easy way to reduce energy output is by learning the biggest energy wasters in your home. Do you know them all? Read on to discover how you can make your home more sustainable, almost instantly.

Green Gas

Callective Energy’s green gas program makes sustainable energy a breeze. Our program provides your home with high-quality, reliable natural gas. And on a monthly basis, we purchase Green-e verified carbon offsets equal to what your household has used. That means you are staying carbon neutral without any more work than paying your monthly energy bill. Are you curious if this plan works for you? Check out how easy it is to switch to green gas, today!


We’ve all been chastised to turn lights off in an empty room, and this can save money. But the bigger energy and budget saver is actually the type of lightbulbs used to brighten the space! If your household switches to all LED lighting, the average savings can add up to $225 a year! Consider the change next time a bulb burns out.


Fridge etiquette should be stringently followed when it comes to a specific rule; do not put hot food in a cold fridge! This significantly heats up the internal temperature of your receptacle and also places you at risk for food poisoning. Try to separate hot food into shallow, smaller containers and leave it out for an hour or less. Then put away. This will ensure your refrigerator isn’t kicking into high gear to cool off your soup!

Air Filters

Every home should regularly check its air filters for cleanliness in order to ensure that the quality of air in its home is pristine. California has the unfortunate affliction of deadly wildfires that cause ash and debris to enter the air. Air filters are especially important in our climate. A clean air filter also helps to save energy. When the filter becomes dirty or clogged, HVAC systems work extremely hard to push air through. Without resistance, you can save up to 15% of energy costs associated with air filtration.

Saving money and sustainability often go hand in hand. It makes the choice for your household simple. Save the planet, save your budget. Keep checking back to the Callective Conscious blog for everyday lifestyle tips in sustainability. 

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