5 Father's Day Gift Ideas From California With Love

Father's Day,


28 April, 2021


With Father’s Day right around the corner, you might be wondering what to get him? Of course, you want it to be special because you appreciate all of the memorable things from riding a bike, baseball games, and life lessons your father taught you and still teaches you. Dads don’t ever make it easy to shop for them, because they will just buy whatever they want themselves. But we wanted to give you some suggestions about what gifts you can give him in California.

No matter if you’re near or far, these gifts from you are sure to make Father’s Day special and one to remember!


1. Nexgrill’s Fortress 2.0 Table-Top Gas Grill

callective nexgrill

 Photo courtesy of Nexgrill

California is well-known for grilling their food, so you can’t go wrong with getting dad this grill! This grill is built to be durable, portable, and long-lasting. You and your family can take it and grill up at one of the many national parks, use it right at home, or when you go tailgating. This grill even has two burners, meaning it can cook the meat and veggies at the same time without letting either get cold. Even if your dad already has a grill, nothing can beat how convenient this grill is!

2. COMMUNITYmade Sneakers

callective westsider

Photo courtesy of COMMUNITYmade 

The Men’s Westsider shoes are handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, they produce locally to help support and pour back into their community. This shoe is designed to be worn without socks it includes, orthoLite anti-microbial insole material that wicks away moisture and odor while providing cushioning. The Westsider is versatile for dads and for any occasion. But, the best part about this company is, when you make a purchase a donation will be sent on your behalf to a charity of your choice. Help dad, and help your community!

3. Stitch Fix

callective fathers day 

Photo courtesy of Stitch Fix

Most of the dads hate shopping and would rather someone else do it for them. Well, this is where Stitch Fix can do its magic. You can purchase them a gift card and have it emailed, mailed, or printed. With this gift, they will be asked a few questions, and stylists from all over will curate outfit pieces that will ship directly to your home in a box. They also tailor looks for women and kids, all using quality brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Madewell. And to think, all he has to do was answer some questions and poof clothes at his doorstep.

4. Wet Suit

callective fathers day 

Photo courtesy of @bodyglove @danishanderson

How can you live in California, and not surf? Your dad is sure to love this gift, and it’s made right here in California. Body Glove is a California-made company that has been around for more than 60 years that popularized wetsuits and has expanded to making them environmentally friendly. Go in on the gift with your siblings, as wetsuits can be on the little expensive side, but luckily they are having a sale right now!

5. Knife Aid

callective knife aid 

One of the gift card options for Knife Aid

It may not be often, but it can be bothersome when you’re not able to cut something because your knife is too dull, damaged, or broken. That’s no longer a problem because Knife Aid got you covered and with a 24 -hour turnaround. These knives can range from cleavers, pocket knives, hunting/fishing knives, and many more! Surprise your dad, by shipping off his knives to this Malibu-based company, or get him a gift card (of your choice) to sharpen them better than ever!


Go out with a bang this Father's Day and outshine your siblings, but not too much because you have next year too!

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