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31 August, 2021

Pumpkin spice is back in coffee and to some, the fall season has begun. Colder nights, changing outdoor colors, and holidays on the horizon, you might be excited to start decorating your home. Whether an avid designer or new to the process and aren’t sure where to begin. If you are decor curious but want to save money and be eco-conscious, try these tips to do both at once!

Pre Loved Items

You may be pleasantly surprised when you start looking at thrift stores for fall decor. From season to season, secondhand stores are stocked with anything from dishware to furniture. And all for a lower price than stores that promote their constant “sales”. In reality, overstock stores thrive on fast fashion which produces 10% of global carbon emissions! When sourcing your decor you are able to draw on many different aesthetics, not just what is most popular this year. From mid-century to the modern farmhouse, you are sure to find items that will fit your style and budget.

Natural Items

Even without being crafty, you can make cute decor from items found outside. This option might be particularly pleasing to parents, for whom children can partake in the creation process. 

Leaves- Consider framing different leaves for easy and striking artwork for your home.

Branches- Limber branches can be woven into easy wreaths.

Pumpkins- an excellent blank canvas, consider waiting till the weather dips a bit cooler. Between painting, carving, and just simply placing different pumpkins around your home, you’ll instantly feel in a more decorative fall mood.

Apples- Apples are a standard fruit when it comes to fall. A big centerpiece of multi-colored apples becomes functional and beautiful on a tablescape. For Halloween decorations, carve faces into peeled apples and let dry on low heat in an oven. The scariest shrunken heads you’ve ever seen!

Rocks- Painted rocks have resurfaced through the ages. Not only can you create a whimsical scene but painting rocks to match your color scheme can line garden beds, surround candles, and fill decorative glass jars!

Natural Dye

For linens like tablecloths, napkins, and widow dressings, consider dyeing your own fabric. This endeavor can easily be accomplished with grocery store items like beets, avocado pits, and spinach! An excellent alternative to buying pre-made, this is a completely non-toxic way to create the color scheme of your dreams. Safe for children, you can make any meal extra special during the fall season!

Decor never has to be boring or wasteful. Follow these simple tips to reduce your carbon impact and create a more visually interesting home for the fall! Keep checking back to the Callective Conscious blog for more great lifestyle tips.

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