Top Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products You Can Use in Your Home

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28 April, 2021

Cleaning supplies have increased in demand, and seeing empty shelves at grocery stores is the new normal. With coronavirus, we have to be sure we are repeatedly cleaning the items we use on a daily basis, to steer away from the possibility of becoming sick.

We’re buying these plastic-packaged products more, which are not as easy to recycle. You may already be incorporating eco-friendly products into your routine, such as skincare (check out Natural & Eco-Friendly California Skincare Companies for more tips), appliances, etc. Why not also use cleaning supplies that practice being eco-friendly, are surprisingly affordable, and similar to what you're already using? Here are some products below, you may want to invest in during these times and continue using forever. 


Whole-house Approved Cleaning Products

Photograph: Grove Collaborative

  • At Blueland they believe cleaning our planet, begins with our home. They have a wide range of starter sets, kits, refills, etc. You’re going to need their recycled Forever Bottle because the goal is to keep refilling this bottle and just change their cleaning tablets to your desired cleaning action. Their $6+ refillable cleaner tablets come in hand soap, laundry, dish detergent, bathroom, multi-purpose, and glass + mirror packs.

  • Grove Collaborative cleaning concentrates are sold in a 3- pack for only $9. To use these, you twist off the top, dispense them into 16 oz. spray bottle (they sell them on their site), add water, replace the nozzle, and shake gently. These packets are free of harsh chemicals and Scented with 100% natural essential oils. Luckily, they are doing a special right now, where if you purchase $30 worth of products, you will get 4 recommended products for free on your first shipment.

  • This all-purpose cleaner is dye and cruelty-free, biobased, and fragrance-free is from Seventh Generation. This product requires no rinsing after use on your surfaces, all you have to do is simply spray and wipe clean. If your usual household cleaning products trigger your allergies, this one won’t as it is formulated to work on many household surfaces from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Kitchen Cleaning Products

Photograph: Three Blue Birds

  • GreenPolly wants to make a difference and decrease our carbon footprint with their trash bags. They are made from 90% certified post-consumer recycled plastic and 10% Green Polyethylene from renewable sugarcane. These bags are designed for durability for household trash and waste collection and shipped in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging for less waste.

  • This Germany- produced biodegradable dishcloth can replace power towels, and sponges. The Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloths can be used with soap, sprays, cleaner, or water to clean countertops. You can clean this rag, and continue to use it up to 200 times, giving you a life span of 6-12 months. 

Laundry Cleaning Products

 Photograph: Defunkify

  • Before you decide to throw something out because of a stain, try Defunkify stain remover spray. It’s $8.99, but the work it does is priceless. With a couple of sprays, this plant-based product gets rid of residue and stains on all surfaces.

  • Were you aware that you’re not supposed to wash your jeans after every wear? It wears out the quality of the jeans. DFNS has come up with Denim Refresher, which refreshes and reshapes your jeans packaged in an Airopack spray bottle. This $9 water-based, biodegradable on-the-go spray neutralizes odors releases wrinkles, and brings life back to your jeans.


Using these eco-friendly products is a huge step toward reducing your carbon footprint, all while ridding the house of germs. Being aware of what goes into the making of products you use, is never a bad thing!

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