Different Ways to Dress Up Your Natural Gas Stove

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21 April, 2021


You may think your natural gas stove is in the best shape, but have you ever thought of adding some accessories? Why don’t you help your gas stove to help you? Just like how your toothbrush holder helps your bathroom to the next level, doing a DIY project and incorporating items into your kitchen will enhance your gas stove. Here are some items below that can be added to the kitchen and how they’d make a difference.

On or Above Stove:
  • Wall Mounted Hanging Rack- By hanging your kitchen utensils near the stove, you will be keeping them in arm's reach! This could save you some time, and free up storage space in the kitchen drawers or cabinets. This stainless steel rack also allows room for small measuring spoons or cups so they can be easily accessible. 
  • Spoon Rest- Having a spoon rest is not only stylish but also prevents liquids from getting on the stove or countertop while cooking. This spoon rests helps the kitchen to stay clean and reduces utensils from getting any contaminants on it that may be on the counter.
  • Plants- If you’re looking for a way to heighten the aesthetic of your kitchen at a low cost and low maintenance, plants are the way to go! Decorating with faux plants instantly makes a difference in your home, and especially the kitchen. These realistic artificial leafy plants will add life to your home forever!

On The Kitchen Counter:
  • Utensil Holder- This product comes in handy for cooking with its wide-opened top, and spacious bottom. A utensil holder can hold numerous utensils without tipping over, and accommodate all types such as spoons, forks, spatulas, etc. These holders can come in many different styles and sizes to match your kitchen decor and are very inexpensive.
  • Knife Block Set- Knives are vital for the kitchen when cooking, so having them by the stove will save you a lot of time! These block sets include many different shapes and sizes of knives and come in different colors to match your decor. A good quality knife set will last a long time, so be sure to purchase one that you don’t mind having for a while!
  • Timer- Every kitchen needs a timer! Phones aren’t always reliable, and you may need to time two things in the kitchen at once. So it won’t hurt to have a reliable timer in the kitchen that can also be used for more things than just cooking.
  • Spice Rack- Keep your favorite spics you use to cook within arms reach! This rack doesn't only have your spices readily available but helps your kitchen stay in order with a stylish presentation.

  • Oven Mitts/ Towel- It is vital to protect your hands and body from the heat while cooking! Purchasing oven mitts or towels that match the kitchen decor to hang on the front of your stove also enhances the kitchen! It is possible to be stylish and protective in the kitchen at the same time!
  • Kitchen Mat- Standing in the kitchen for hours may affect your feet. A quality kitchen mat provides relief and helps with providing a non-slip surface. This mat easily coordinates with the existing decor to elevate the room and can be placed in front of the stove and the sink at an inexpensive price.


Keeping your gas stove up to date by periodical maintenance is necessary, and check out ways to do so here. After your stove is in order, personalize it to enhance your kitchen with things you need for it. Help your Collective Energy powered natural gas stove help you and it will make all the difference!

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