Missing the Spa? DIY Spa at Home With Natural Gas

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28 April, 2021

If you view the spa as your sanctuary, it’s possible that you may be going crazy right now. Lucky for you, we’re going to tell you about these organic products/ items, you can use to recreate your own spa experience at home. DISCLAIMER: your spa day, will not give you the maximum amount of relaxation if you don’t pair it with our natural gas. Our natural gas provides the perfect temperature that your body craves, don’t miss out click here.

Full Body

Body Scrub Cubes

If salt scrubs are too harsh for you, then try this organic and vegan-free body scrub from Mineral Me California. It will exfoliate and moisturize the body, and reduce the appearance of those stubborn dark marks and stretch marks. Just take one or two cubes with you when you go to shower or bathe.

California Body Oil

This body oil made by Laurel is 100% whole plant organic. This oil moisturizes and regenerates your body to overall promote your skin’s health. It’s called California for a reason, as its nut oils are grown and pressed in California. Use this oil in a circulatory motion, on the body at any time, but for the best results use it after you shower/bathe.


Your body will wake right up after using this AMAzing body scrub by Ama Sea Beauty. Any ingredients in the scrub are locally sourced in California and sustainable. Apply this scrub to your entire body when you bathe/shower, and it will have your skin feeling as youthful as ever.


Purely Degunked 3-step Instant Spa Facial

Everything you need for your face, it’s right here. A gluten-free, nut-free, natural face wash kit made by Farmhouse Fresh. This kit includes a mask, moisturizer, and face wash that will degunk and get rid of the bacteria. Be sure to use all three if you have combination skin, and it will balance your skin out.

Eye Serum

This serum by Laurel is generated to help the skin around your eyes. The raw plants are blended naturally and used to reduce the puffiness and the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Tip for makeup users: this eye serum is great for depuffing around the eye to prep for makeup use.

The Atmosphere

Beachgoer Scent Kit

Of course, you have to set the mood for your spa day, and this kit is absolutely what you’d be missing. It comes with 1 pack of Golden Coast Incense Sticks, 1 Los Angeles Standard Candle, and 1 Swell Reed Diffuser. These beach-inspired scents will have you feeling like you’re at the beach, AND the spa, no matter where you are. They have many different scent kits at P.F. Candle Co., and all are sure to relax you. Check them out.


Seatea Bath Bag

End your spa day with a hot bath full of red/brown/green marine nutrients that will tint your water a beautiful blue hue. This Ama Sea Beauty set comes in a bundle of 3 bags, and of course naturally cleanse, detox, and moisturize you all in one. Promote your bath time with a luxurious and soothing experience, with your natural gas water heater at a perfect temperature and bath bag from Ama.


Spa’s will be open soon, but for right now try these organic spa products. Be sure to pair it with your natural gas appliance, and you just might never go back to a regular spa.

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