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18 December, 2021

The recent bill Senate Bill1383 that passed in California will push to help heavily reduce food waste in home garbages. Starting Jan 1st, residents will be required to separate organic waste from their landfill bin bags. With a goal to lessen the landfill dumps and with eventual fines in later years. Are you prepared for this change? Starting to compost at home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or out of reach. You’ll notice when you start to find your rhythm how many fewer trips to the bin you will have to take! The key to a more sustainable life is small steps that all add up. Here is a round-up of the best counter-top compost options!

What To Throw

There is a surprisingly long list of what you can throw in your compost as opposed to throwing it into your trash. This helps to alleviate the load of landfills and to help create healthier soil in the long run! Here are a few items you can include, with the full list here:

Fruits and vegetables


Coffee grounds and filters

Tea bags

Nut shells

Shredded newspaper



Yard trimmings

Grass clippings


Hay and straw


Previously, one may have thought that only farmers or hippies on communes composted on a regular basis. But the countertop options have changed all that! Small, unobtrusive, and manageable, these are great for all different living spaces. Start small and get the swing of things, while still saving the planet!

A great budget buy for beginners:

A well-reviewed choice that looks sleek as well:

A larger option for families:

Remember that living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to mean drastic, expensive changes. By taking small steps, you will find your household in a whole new light! Saving the planet starts with just one choice at a time. Consider signing up for Callective’s green gas option, which purchases carbon offsets for each customer! 

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