9 Ways To Re-Use Coffee Grounds

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28 March, 2022

The morning cup of java can be such a wonderful ritual for thousands across the globe. But what do you do with the leftover coffee grounds? Many see this mush of brown as pure waste and toss the trash, leading to six million tons being sent to landfills every year! How can you cut down on this waste while improving your own home life? We have three easy places in your routine where you can reuse your coffee grounds!

In The Garden

Because coffee is from the Earth, it can easily be recycled back! High in nitrogen which acts as a fertilizer for plants, coffee grounds are a natural supplement. 

Fertilize flowers. There is a slow release that happens with the nutrients in coffee grounds, making it perfect for an intermittent companion to your plant's soil. Remember that this does not replace food or soil, but acts more as a vitamin boost.

Compost. Are you new to composting? We have a great blog post for how to get started at home. Feed your compost with coffee grounds. Offering a concentrated dose of nitrogen, just toss and turn.

Repel Pests. The roasty smell can be one that humans love and insects loathe. Sprinkle grounds around any standing water or burn dry coffee grounds for an intense, incensing effect. 

Clean Up

Coffee grounds, especially used ones may seem messy and dirty but they can actually clean many areas of the home and your body!

Body scrub. Check out this easy to follow recipe that utilizes the caffeine in the coffee to perk up your skin! Some studies have shown that caffeine can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

Wash pots and pans. A powerful and natural abrasive that can do some of the hard work of scrubbing for you. Add a few tablespoons to warm soapy water and let it do its magic!

Fireplace. Your fireplace might seem like the last place you’d use these minuscule beans. But the magic of the grounds helps to contain the dust storm that usually flies around. Sprinkle, and then continue cleaning out your fireplace as usual. 

In The Kitchen

Made in the kitchen, coffee grounds can continue to serve used after their first brewing!

Baking. Add a roasty flavor to brownies, coffee cake, anything chocolate to enhance the flavor. Grab detailed recipes from this easy to follow blog post. 

Whipped Cream. This whipped topping can bring a depth of flavor with finely ground beans. Add a splash of old coffee to really double up on the java!

BBQ. Successful bbq sauce holds many hidden secrets. A dash of coffee can often add a healthy layer of flavor!

A sustainable life usually goes hand in hand with saving yourself money and time. By reusing your coffee grounds you can eliminate the need for shopping for ingredients like fertilizer, insect repellent, and body scrub. A more sustainable household is just one pot of coffee away!

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