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30 September, 2022

After a long season of wildfires, the air quality in California has suffered greatly. Unfortunately, this can seep into your home’s atmosphere and health. Bad air quality can create health problems like burning eyes, coughing fits, bronchitis, headaches, and worsened heart issues and asthma. With the flu season coming quickly, you won’t want to have any of these lingering issues affecting your family for months. How can you create a clean air sanctuary within your home? We have great, sustainable suggestions that can clear up your air quality on the double!

Air Purifier

The quickest option to clean up your home's air quality, but not always the cheapest. There are usually air purifiers that can fit any budget, ranging from under 100$ to well into the thousands. It all depends on the size and goal of your air purification journey! This consumer article does an excellent job of outlining the pros and cons of top models and styles!

Clean House

A good, intense scrubbing can do so much for the allergens and the air quality. Removing dust, cobwebs, and hidden mildew will clear the sinuses. Cleaning fans are a necessity when upping the air quality in your home. An easy tip to keep yourself cleaner during the process; use a pillowcase to completely enclose the fan blade. Then just apply pressure to skim all the dust off! Shake out and repeat. An easy and sustainable way to keep dust from circulating your home!

Indoor Plants

Plants are natural air purifiers! Several low-maintenance indoor plants can help to clean up the toxins in the air. Easy to find at your local hardware store or farmer’s market, look for low-light plants like a snake, cast-iron, bamboo, succulents, and even cacti! Remember that any plant will convert Co2 into oxygen so you are doing good for yourself and your household.

Change Filters

This is the normal ventilation system in your home that has probably been working overtime in the wildfire season. That means changing filters every 1-3 months. Check to see where the outflow return is in rooms around your house. Upon visual inspection, if there is buildup, it is most likely time for a change! Swap these out to lessen the chances of smoke inhalation, spread of disease, and pet dander. 

Your quality of life is nothing to skimp on, but we make it easy and affordable to quickly up the caliber of your indoor air! For more sustainable tips, keep checking back to the Callective blog!

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