8 Tips For Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning

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28 April, 2021


Now that it's March and the snow has begun to melt, it is time for some spring cleaning! Our houses are in need of some TLC, and we want to enter this new season with freshness by cleaning the inside and outside of our homes.

We want to remind you of how important it is to be environmentally cautious so we’re taking this opportunity to give you some tips on how to be eco-friendly while spring cleaning this season.


1) Reuse and repurpose things

Just because something has served its purpose as its intended use doesn't mean we have to throw them away. An old toothbrush can become a cleaning brush to clean corners. Grocery store plastic bags can be used as trash bags around the house. An old sock can be used as a duster to clean the dust in more intricate areas. Anything can be reused, you just have to think outside the box!

2) Use less water

Avoid leaving sinks and faucets running to help preserve water. When you can, sweep or use a Swiffer or other microfiber mop instead of regular bucket mopping so less water is being used. Also having a tracker mat at the front door or having people remove their shoes when they enter the house can result in less mopping too. 

3) Don't throw out unwanted clothing

This is the PERFECT time to go through those clothes you have been holding onto for so long! We know you don't want to let them go, and you don't have to. Some old jeans can be cut into jean shorts for the summertime, or t-shirts cut into crop tops or tank tops. If for some reason you can’t fit the clothes, or they're minorly damaged you can donate them to TexGreen, or other charities or centers. 

4) Throw out expired goods and donate unwanted

Cleaning out and organizing the fridge is never fun, but we have to do it. While doing this, make sure you are steadily checking the expiration dates. Throw out any food that is open and expired. Donate any unopened and unexpired durable food items to a nearby shelter, so that the food goes to those in need.

5) Make sure you’re being energy efficient

Spring cleaning is also a great time to evaluate your energy usage. As you’re cleaning, take the time to make sure nothing is plugged in that doesn’t need to be. It's very easy to allow your house to consume extra electricity. To avoid that you can plug electronics into power extension strips, and turn the switch off when it is not in use. Also, replace your light bulbs with LEDs, and clean your refrigerator energy coils to increase energy efficiency.

6) Organize your house with bins 

If you’re looking to get organized AND save money, instead of going out and buying new plastic storage bins, you can use items found in your own home! Old Amazon delivery boxes and old clothing plastic bins can be decorated and labeled to organize your items at little to no cost. 

7) Switch cleaning products to non-toxic and natural ingredients

When shopping for cleaning products make sure they are natural and do not contain any toxic chemicals. Researching before purchasing is always a good thing! You can also make your own cleaning products, which is quite simple and since you made it yourself, you’d know everything it contains.

8) Hang dry your laundry

If you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, this is a great way! With this lovely spring weather, refrain from using your dryer for laundry items like your towels, and bedding sheets. Air-drying has been known to decrease the average household’s footprint by 2,400 pounds per year.


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