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28 April, 2021

Natural gas is used for so much more than you think. If you’re looking to purchase a new appliance for your home or business, be sure it is fueled by natural gas. This will not only save you some money, but it's also easy to operate, reliable during power outages, and so much more! Here are some ways that will make you reconsider using anything other than natural gas for your home or business.


1. Reliable

During a power outage, if you have a natural gas appliance you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You’re not only able to cook, but you can also still heat your home with your natural gas fireplace. With most natural gas water heaters, they can also still produce hot water from your water heater in a power outage. If you live in California, you know these power outages all too well… you need natural gas!

2. Save Financially

Natural gas is way more affordable than any other home appliances energy source. Gas-powered furnaces could save you $1,000- $2,000 yearly on your bill, compared to an electric fireplace. In addition, gas water heaters and gas dryers also save households about $100 or more every year. Not only do these appliances save money, but because of natural gas the water heater heats up twice as fast, and the dryer dries clothes faster. 

3. Great for Commerical/Business 

Natural gas is what makes the world go around! There are over 5 million users that use natural gas for water heating or cooking. This is including but not limited to businesses and buildings like restaurants, schools, churches, hotels, offices, malls, etc. We visit these places all the time, and you probably weren’t aware these places use natural gas. This just shows you how vital natural gas is to our everyday life! According to the American Gas Association, natural gas utility commercial customers have benefited from a reliable lower cost of service. In 2015, commercial customers' utility bills reached a new low of $405 on average, the lowest since AGA began collecting data in 2003. Natural gas is making sure your favorite businesses run, all while saving them money!

4. Easy to Maintain

Keeping your natural gas appliances up to date is vital to keep them in good working condition. It is easy and inexpensive to do, if you do it right, and often. Visit our article, Natural Gas Appliance Maintenance & Safety Tips to maintain them, and once that’s done visit our article, Different Ways to Dress Up Your Natural Gas Stove, to help your gas stove help you!

5. Environmentally Beneficial

All fossil fuels burn off emissions. But according to the American Gas Association, greater direct use of natural gas for heating and cooling, water heating, cooking, and clothes drying can cut carbon emissions nearly in half. Natural gas was and continues to help reduce the carbon emissions electricity creates. Compared to electric-powered appliances, natural gas also helps address many environmental concerns including smog and acid rain.


So make the switch to natural gas, to help you and the environment. A natural gas appliance powered by Callective Energy will make all the difference! You’re not limited to our natural gas at home, we also offer it for businesses too!


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