5 DIY Easter Activities

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28 April, 2021

With all this time we have on our hands, why not prepare for Easter our way?! With these 5 do it yourself (DIY) activities you can make a day out of it and include everyone in the house! Doing something for the first time can become something you do for a lifetime, now hop on it! 

1. Color Easter Eggs


We all have sharpies lying around, so this is very inexpensive! The sharpie creates a tie-dye effect on the eggs, and the colors blend so well together. This is very simple and easy for the kids to do along with you too! Don't just do one design, when there are so many other egg designs you can do here to get ready for Easter!

2. Create a Sock Bunny

A Pumpkin & A Princess

This craft can be a gift for their Easter basket or something y'all create together that they can keep year after year. All you will need a small sock, felt, large pom poms, moveable eyes, ribbon, clear rubber bands, and rice. If you want a detailed description, of how to create this bunny click here.

3. Create an Easter basket


This is a craft the kids can participate in, and make it their own. These items are things you most likely have in your home, which makes it even better! All you need is some ribbon, paint, egg cartons, and a hot glue gun. Once you cut the tops off, let the kids dive into decorating, once the cartons are done drying, you can hot glue the ribbon on as a handle. This is an inexpensive, creative, and safe way to hunt for Easter eggs!

4. Egg and Spoon Race Game


This game can be a bit tricky! You will need a spoon, an egg of any kind, and people to watch because it is so easy to cheat! Walking is easier to balance for little kids, so have them walk from one point to another while holding the spoon with the egg balanced on it in their mouth. The winner is the first person to make it to the finishing point without dropping the egg a lot of times or cracking it. For adults or older kids playing this game, have them run! 

5. Bunny Hop Sack Race

Courtesy of Crazy Wonderful

Who remembers having sack races in school? They were tough to do, but they were so much fun! This is a quick and easy game for the kids to play outside! All you need is some brown sacks, white pom poms, glue to stick the poms on, and someone to yell “ready set go”! Whoever can hop the quickest, fall the least, and make it to the finish line first is the winner!


Let us know if you and your family completed these activities, and how they turned out in the comments! Happy Easter!

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