Callective Energy is Building Community in California.

We get it. Choosing your own energy sounds too good to be true. Guess what? The monopoly is over thanks to deregulation. In California we now have a choice. We can build community with sustainable energy, our way.

We are Callective Energy.

Our mission is to serve California Residents and Businesses clean, safe and affordable natural gas. Callective Energy operates under the umbrella of United Energy Trading (UET), LLC.

We have a broad scope of industry expertise, which includes well completions, gas and crude oil sales, wellhead balancing, and a host of energy-related financial transactions. We also are a community builder, investing in sustainable energy in California today and tomorrow.

Creative solutions for energy producers and consumers:

  • Helping producers market and move natural gas, NGLs, crude oil, and refined products.

  • Supplying natural gas and related risk management to industrial, wholesale, and commercial consumers.

  • Providing retail natural gas services to residential and small business customers.

  • Managing physical and contractual assets.

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The Callective Energy team is here to provide affordable energy options to communities all over California. Today we have a choice, let’s choose a more sustainable future together.

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